Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tinder | Tinder is the quintessential, proverbial, text-book like the manifestation of The Paradox of Choice. It is too easy to get dates if you know what you’re doing. This will tend to leave you perennially unsatisfied with what you get.
We humans are not hardwired to have so much choice in nature, so it is very hard to remain wise and focus on one person at a time. What you’re more likely to get is bored, detached, desensitized.
And of course a lot of the people you’ll be speaking to are just as bored and detached as you are. A feedback loop of misery.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tinder

For the ordinary guy like me who doesn't have any corporatists as his friends or servants, tinder sucks because you need to have such backdoors for it to work for you, it is my understanding.Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tinder
If you're some kind of rich hacker type of elite dude, you can get laid with dozens of chicks a month apparently, but there are only a few such people and for the most part, tinder fails miserably in its stated objective of bringing people together.

Pros/Advantages Of Tinder

  1. You get to know people who are actually interested in dating…..not like that girl in your office whom you thought was interested in you and when you approached her…she said: “How dare you?”
  2. If you get a match(as you judged her/him only on her/his photos) and later you realized oh shit why did I right swipe..u can unmatch there itself…(in real life it's very tough to ignore a person if you don't like him/her anymore).
  3. If you are lucky you can actually get to know a gal/guy who was there on tinder for the same reason as yours…(and yes you got it.. I was talking about hook up).
  4. The big one: numbers are strong with Tinder. if you’re in the right place (big cities), you have access to a massive pool of potential dates.
  5. Online dating began in the ’90s as something properly uncool. It started to get acceptance with MySpace, but it’s only thanks to Tinder that it’s become mainstream, at least in big cities. This means that the percentage of people who are cool and attractive has gone up.

Cons/Disadvantages Of Tinder

  1. For those who actually want something genuine, and lasting, well Tinder may not be the right place for you. No matter how it started, now it is just a medium for casual stuff, be it hookups, flings or just for some meagre ego-boosting.
  2. If you are a male and from India, then please don’t expect anything out of it unless you are having those stud looks and a crapload of money. Girls on Tinder don’t usually go for the character but looks primarily.
  3. You may never be sure that the person you are talking to is “safe” or is not a serial killer. Well not saying everyone is so, but there are exceptions to this. So everyone should be very careful on virtual platforms.
  4. Too many people here are looking for casual stuff. It is as if love has left the world of Tinder. It is the general case though. Fortunate ones have found their spouses on Tinder.
  5. The features like Passport and Who Liked You are paid ones. So you have to pay a hefty amount to subscribe to these features. Unlike other apps like Woo and Aisle, you have to pay to match with people from around the country. There are workarounds to that though.
  6. Okay, so this one is for those who might find a “good” match. Suppose if by any chance you do find someone that meets your ideal image, the biggest problem is to the next step, i.e., exclusivity. It’s on Tinder that getting a match is just like trying to spot a Maruti Suzuki car on an Indian road. It’s just too easy. Eyeing so many matches, no one would take your feelings seriously even though they might feel the same. Thanks to the ease of matching, and huge amount of options, it’s not that common that you will find that everyone saying you cannot find “true love” on Tinder. Been there, and got terribly hurt.
  7. Bad Intentions: Not everyone online has the best intentions. Some people use online dating apps as entertainment, with no real desire for a relationship. Maybe they’re looking to start an affair with a stranger, or they're trying to get back at an unfaithful spouse. Many people want to window-shop out of curiosity or when they’re feeling blue.

Few More Cons Of Using Tinder !!

  • It’s Easy to Get Hurt: Because of dating apps' anonymity, not everyone has noble aspirations of a long-term relationship. With a plethora of stalkers, gold-diggers and even bullying running rampant online, who wouldn’t be afraid of getting hurt? No one wants to become a victim of online dating, and an online psychic can offer real-world advice.
  • Location: The web is a big place, and what if the potential Mr. or Ms. Right is in a different state or even country? Love knows no boundaries, but location may very well become a logistics nightmare, and long-distance relationships can be challenging.\
  • Criminals: Unsavoury individuals use dating apps to find potential victims. Whether they are just trying to steal your identity, or they are hardcore criminals, online dating comes with a very real threat of danger.

Final Words

Our brain is ffeeded with a sultry image of a girl with a blunt attitude, whereas a boy is only attractive when he is tall, dark, handsome, rich and treat girls like a unicorn. A big thanks to idiot box called TV and his cousin Internet. Marketing companies are constantly reframing our consciousness.

Love is not done, it happens. I found my love in a contest organized by Love Cart. It was about writing poetry, we both met there and magic happened. We had a few interesting conversations and found compatibility in common.

And instead of glorifying our love on social media and texting, we loved hanging out with each other not out of desperation, but excitement. Bring love in your consciousness to attract love and compassion across the universe.

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