So, you have decided to start a new blog. You are absolutely in the right place. Here you will learn everything about starting a new blog to writing your first post.
This is the ultimate guide to start blogging online.
For a noob, here is the list of topics covered in this article:
Today, shout awesome will cover all the above mention topics. You will get the solution of the above-mentioned questions.
Start A Blog Online On Blogger

So, let's start blogging online...

Platform to choose for blogging, Wordpress or Blogger?

WordPress or Blogger?

In short and simple words, If you are new then blindly go for blogger. If you are experienced then you will choose WordPress.
As you are a starter and going to start a new blog, I suggest you start on blogger platform and end on WordPress.

What is a blogger?

Blogger is a free product from Google. An entirely free blogging platform. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your work online.

How is the service of a blogger?

Blogger has the best uptime ever. As it is a Google product, so they never compromise with quality. I personally use blogger and it has 💯% uptime. Not only this it can handle thousands of visitors at a time.
In the case of WordPress, you are going to pay huge money 💰 to get this amazing feature. That is why I suggest a blogger platform for everyone who is new.

Yes, the blogger is free for lifetime, you don't need to buy a domain name to start. Blogger will provide you that also, with a subdomain ( Few of our experts also use blogger as it free.
It will be good, if you are on a tight budget and make money online without investing any single penny.

After choosing a platform, you should think about your niche i.e. category of your blog.

Which niche you should pick?

Blogging is all about interest!
Before choosing any niche to ask yourself.
  • Do you know very well about the topic?
  • Can you write 20-30 post? 
  • And the most important - Are people searching that in Google? 
If yes then check whether it is competitive or not? If no, then why are you blogging?
Before taking any action, remember: Passion can kill competition.

So, I suggest you choose your passion and interest. Take my example, it's highly competitive niche but still, you are reading my blog. That means shout awesome is growing!

Now, you are done with your niche. Let's go to the next topic.

What should be your domain name?

Your domain name should be matching with your site name. You can see mine. Yes, like that.
It should really be unique, otherwise, you will not be able to register. As all single-word domains are taken, you should go 2-word names. (Shout+Awesome=ShoutAwesome)

It should not be more than 17 characters. If you want then you can register for more characters but it will not good for SEO.

Keep your domain short and unique. Do not include numbers in domains. It will confuse your users and sometimes Google will find this as spam.

Should I use a free domain?

Nowadays sites like FreeNom provide free domain with an extension (.ga .tk .ml .nq) you can use one for learning purpose. The main disadvantage of using these domains is that that, they are not TLD(Top Level Domain) and Google will not be going to rank them.
It is impossible to get AdSense approval on these domains.

It is recommended to use any top-level domain.

If you want a .com, .xyz or any other top-level domain, then go to the largest domain market i.e. GoDaddy. The prices for the top-level domain starts from 79 Rs to 1000+ Rs.

Best place to host your blog?

As you are using blogger platform - which is a free product of Google. You don't need to purchase hosting. All you need that is a new domain name.

How to set up your blog?

This is the main part of the article, What follows below is the STEP BY STEP guide about creating a blog and setting it up for your first post.

Step 1: Go to Upon landing there the first button you will see i.e. Sign UP button. First of all, you have to create an account using your Gmail id.

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