Google Blogger is a great platform for passionate bloggers. But, like others, it has some limitations They provide only a few themes in their layout section.

So, How to change my template so that it looks like a website?
Yes, It's possible to do, by editing the HTML coding of your blogger site. You actually don't need to know to code. It all about copy and paste work which anyone can do. Here I will show you, how?
A custom is important but you should enable custom robots header tags.
changing blogspot theme in blogger
These are topics I have covered in this post of shout awesome.

    Which Blogger Theme Should I Choose?

    There are millions of free blogger template available online. Of course, they are entirely free but comes with footer credits links. They are called nulled themes.
    By this template, your site can be traced. Don't worry - I am not talking about hacking.
    I will tell the legal way to download this template.
    The below given will give you the fastest and SEO optimized blogger template.
    1. Themeindie - - Mobile-Friendly Blogger Templates. Download High CTR and clean Blogger Templates available. Free Blogger XML Templates, the Fastest theme for Blogspot.
    2. Templateify - Their Service Includes Free Blogger Templates 2019. Best Free and Premium Blogger Templates. We Create Professional and Responsive SEO Optimized Blogger Templates.
    I personally use their template, they are really fast and responsive as mentioned. I have used their free versions. If you have a little budget you can take paid one also.
    There is nothing to worry using free templates, As you can see my footer links I am still using the free version.
    • Go to their site and pick any theme you want.
    • Select which one to download Paid or Free!
    You will find sites like goyabitemplates and btemplates. I recommend not to use their themes.
    Note: This is not sponsored post neither I am promoting them, I personally use them and really like their theme and service.

    Things To Check Before Choosing A Template

    Mainly, blogger templates are cramped with the widgets, simple layout and lots of colors. There are certain things to check before or after choosing your theme. What follows below is the things to check before choosing a custom theme for blogger.
    • Load Time - Google's Page Speed Insight is one of the best tools to check the site speed in which the theme is currently installed.
    • Nulled or Cracked? - Don't theme such theme which contains lots of footer links.
    • Responsiveness - Give first priority to responsiveness, as nowadays most people use to search on mobile. So make sure you are using a responsive theme for blogger.
    • SEO - Generally, All theme comes with SEO optimized but still you should check it.
    For blogger platform that's enough! These features can be checked out from your theme provider. Let's come to our main topic on how to set up a custom blogger template?

    How To Install A New Custom Blogger Theme

    Changing blogger templates is one of the easiest things in blog setup. It's all about copy paste work. All you need to download the zip file - copy code after extracting and paste it in your HTML section. Let's understand it with a picture guide.
    Step 1: Choose your favorite theme and download it your pc.
    Step 2: You have the zip file of your template. Now you have to extract it.
    Step 3: Right-click on the zip file, & Click on extract here.
    how to extract a zip file or document?
    Extracting the downloaded theme zip file
    Step 4: After extraction, you will find out 3 or 4 different files. You have to choose a file with (.xml) extension.
    xml document theme
    Select The XML document
    Step 5:
    Now you have got the theme file. Again, right-click on the XML file and tap on edit with notepad++. You will see coded lines something like this.
    coded lines in notepad ++
    Notepad++ Interface
    Step 6: Now copy all the coding. Tap Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C. After copying, head to the Blogspot site into your blogger dashboard.
    Step 7: Click on the theme section and then on Edit HTML. Take the help of the below-given image.
    install theme on blogger help
    Step 8: Now you will see like this, These are the main coding of your theme, All you need to is just delete all the lines(Ctrl+A and Delete).
    Step 9: After deleting, right-click and paste the copied lines which you download. Click on the SAVE THEME button. That's all.

    Now open your live website on google to check. You will experience a new look of your blog.
    In the part of theme editing, I will explain how you can edit it like a pro without any coding knowledge.
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    Advantage Of Custom Blogger Template

    • It looks unique - Why unique? Google gives preference to unique and new designs. Make sure you customize your site well so it looks different from others.
    • Decrease Bounce Rate - After landing on your site, the very 1st thing user notice i.e your site theme then he/she goes on content.
    • Gets easy AdSense Approval - It's hard to believe but AdSense is the only reason behind 90% of blogging. So, if you are one of them, then grab one today.
    • Looks like a website - When you change your site theme with a custom one, then it hard to find out it is blog or website. A normal user can never find out.
    Starting a new blog is awesome but make sure you have these five important pages from day 0.

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