Starting a new blog can be very exciting for many of you. Visitors or the users may not be interested in your pages but google will.
essential pages for a blog website
It doesn't matter for what purpose you are building a new site or blog. You should build these important pages for a website.
Because it is the case of: 
  • Ranking in google
  • Getting the approval of Adsense
  • Building trust among the visitors
You must be here due to one of these reasons only.
So, once you have finished designing your blog, make sure you create these pages first.

What are the important pages for a blog?

Here is the list of important pages for Adsense approval and getting a better rank in Google SERPs.
  • About Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms Of Use
  • DMCA (Only In Few Cases)
In your blogging carrier, you have heard these names everywhere. Any site you open on google you will find these pages.

Wait! It's not the time to leave.

The most essential factor is how to write these pages? 
And, What to write? So, that it doesn't violate someone's copyright policy.
So, let's discuss one by one.

1. "About Us" Page

The name itself suggests that it's all about you, your product or service and other things you provide online, via your site/blog.

All the things you mention there must be true and written by yourself. Only this much of thing you have to write in your about us page.

How many numbers of words should about us page contain?
On average, A Google publisher writes about 300 words in about us page.

2. "Disclaimer" Page

If you are any company or consultancy, then you should write your own disclaimer.
For others, I also suggested you write one for yourself.

But, I know 90% of you are not going to write. Now you will be thinking about copying from others. Here is the solution for you guys.

How to generate disclaimer page for free?
You can generate a premade disclaimer page online. Go to disclaimer page generator.

Put your URL/site link, Site Name and Contact email. They will generate it by your name for free. Now copy and paste it into your blog page.
Don't forget to edit their links. That's easy it is.

Same can be done with the privacy policy, terms of use. Here are the links to them.

3. "Contact Us" Page

This part is a little bit easy. You don't have to copy anything.

For the blogger platform - Go to layout section and add a contact form widget. It will act as a contact page for everyone. That's is enough for AdSense approval also.

For WordPress - It's nothing for WP users. Go to plugin and add "contact form 7". Click on install and activate it.

4. DMCA Page

As mentioned this is not compulsory for everyone.
For whom it is?
Love to copy articles - this is for you.

Generally, it's for them who copy others articles, trademarks, logo, and pics without giving them proper credits. In this case, be careful, millions of URLs are removed daily from google due to DMCA copyright notice.
Not only this, if you use AdSense then your account will be disabled. It's better to use this page. 

You must be thinking,
How big sites like apk pure and ocean of games survive as they copy almost everything?

They have added a DMCA Page. I recommend you to go to their site and check it. In those pages, it is clearly mentioned that All the logos, trademarks, texts and pics they are using are of their respective owners.

You have to write a one for yourself, as per your site requirements.


These were the most important pages for blog or website. They should be created before you submit your site to search console.

Hope, my idea of - How to write a disclaimer, privacy policy page works in your case. These custom pages also help to build authority and trust among the users.

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