Search Engine Optimization means (SEO) if you are interested in blogging, and you want to increase traffic to your blog, then you have to optimize the blog correctly.

Today, we will see in this post a blogger blog in the right way to create custom robots header tags. With this setting, you can increase the visibility of your blog's search engine.

Have you heard about the search engine Robots?
SEO of a blog

If you have not heard, I will tell you. There are bots of a search engine (google, yahoo, bing, etc) that crawl the pages of your blog.
And your blog pages index that means adding to your list and when someone searches for something, such as Google then shows results from Google in their list.

Using header tags, we can decide what to show in the search engine and what does not affect our rankings?

Why Use Custom Robots Header Tags?

By using this tag, Google crawls all the pages of your blog and indexes it.
Which helps your blog in getting a better place in the ranking. They also help search console to get the data of your site.
For Example
These are two separate URLs but the contents of the archive URL are the same as the content of the post. That's why duplicate content will be created.

Which means that your search engine visibility is low.
To prevent this, we must use the blogger's advanced settings custom robots header tag.
It is not used to prevent duplicate content but you can use it as per your convenience.

Meaning Of Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger

You can see these types of tags in Blogger, let's see what their meanings are.
  1. all- This tag means content to crawl and index.
  2. Noindex- These tag means do not show in the search engine. You can use this tag if you do not want to show any pages in the search engine.
  3. Nofollow- This tag means more important than a link. A link is provided on a page and it is used to prevent that link from being followed by google bot.
  4. noon- This means neither follow the link nor indexing in the search engine.
  5. No archive- In the Google search result, you will have seen the bottom of the link is written cached, which by clicking on it, Google keeps the image of that page on its server when indexing it. This option is used to not show in the cached page search engine.
  6. Nosnippet- This tag is used to show no description of the title below the URL in a search engine in the search engine.
  7. Noodp-Open directory project / Dmoz can show google information from here, title, description, hence Noodp tag should be used so that we have a description, title which is kept in the blog as well as in Google itself.
  8. Notranslate- This tag means not showing the translation of the site in another language.
  9. Noimageindex- This tag means, do not index the image.
  10. unavailable_after- This tag can be used to delete a page some days later from Google automatically.
These were the meaning of robots header tags, now you have to use which tags you have to use in blogs and who do not.

Custom Robots Header Tags Setting In Blogger

These setting are as simple as eating a piece of cake. Just take 2 minutes to finish the setup. You can follow the given image or steps.
Custom Robots Header Tags, SEO Your Blog

  1. Step 1: Open blogger dashboard >> Go to setting.
  2. Step 2: Open 4th option i.e. Search Preferences 
  3. Step 3: There you will find the "custom robots header tags" below robots.txt. This is currently disabled now.
  4. Step 4: Click on edit and select YES.
  5. Step 5: Take a look at the image, tick all the options as ticked on the pic.
  6. Step 6: Click on save changes.
Cheers! You have completed the setting of your header tags.

Final Words

In Blogger, this setting helps to SEO your blog in the right direction and saves the blog from duplicate content.

Custom Robots Header Tags is a great feature that allows you to easily use tags without having to edit the template.

Also: Make sure that you have these Important pages for your blog from day 0.

If you have read the entire post, how to avoid duplicate content, the meaning of robots header tags, and the exact settings of these tags have been described.

If there is any problem related to this, then ask me in comments.
If possible, share the post on Facebook so that your bloggers also get information about this.

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