Aviation and airport industry is vast. Millions of jobs are created every year. But, the problems is that many of you don't know about their system, requirements, job posts, and regulation. If you are searching for these then, your search ends here.

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    Brief Intro Of Jobs in Aviation 

    Here, you will get a complete list of job profiles in the aviation industry
    Airport Management After 12Th is the dream of many students. You can get a decent job after 12th, but, graduation in that field gives the power to control the whole system.
    They also help you to get a job as soon as possible. Short term courses are the easiest way to acquire new skills. 
    If you are interested in short term courses, then try your luck in the aviation industry.
    Being a private organization, they are always in demand.
    I have also mentioned some courses in the aviation industry which can be completed within 12 months.
    So let's get started.

    Requirements To Enter In Aviation Industry

    Their requirements are neither too high nor too low. Their basic requirements are:
    • AGE: Your age should be anywhere between 17 to 27 years.
    • FEES: An average institute charges around 1 lakhs + Taxes. 
    • Educational Qualification: 12Th pass To Graduation is enough.
    • Training From Reputed Institute: This is part where most of the students fail. They choose the wrong institute and end up wasting their time and money. Research and Then choose the proper institution for training. This will decide your carrier and job role. Be Careful!

    High Profile Jobs In Airport

    Here is a list of top 5 high profiles jobs in an airport. Not only they pay you well but also maintains your reputation in society.
    official high paying jobs in airport
    High Paying Jobs
    1. Pilot & Co-pilot: Pilots and co-pilots can work in all types of flying jobs. Anything from crop-dusting to flying for a major airline.
    2. AirTraffic Controller: While you’ll only need an associate’s degree to earn this higher-than-average salary as an air traffic controller, bear in mind that this is also one of the most stressful jobs in the aviation industry. 
    3. Aircraft Mechanic: An aircraft mechanic has a variety of specialties available to choose from. They may complete an apprenticeship and/or formal training for the desired area of expertise. 
    4. Aircraft Inspector: Airplane mechanics with some experience in the field and a positive track record can move into the role of inspector. Airplane inspectors enjoy greater job security because the work they do is, and likely always will be, required by the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration).
    5. Sky Marshal or Air Marshal: These are employed by the federal government to guard against any attacks on the crew, plane or passengers.

    Diploma Courses In Airport Management (IATA Approved)

    A diploma course in airlines can make students expect to achieve a career as a pilot. However, it may take additional training or certification to achieve this goal
    Students who enroll in an aviation diploma program should remember that this program provides basic training into the world of flying and further knowledge may be needed to become a commercial or private pilot.
    Here is the full list of a diploma under airport authority. They are categorized in different departments under different categories. Choose yours and tell me in comments which one is your favorite.

    Aviation Management

    series of standing aeroplanes
    A series of standing airplanes
    • Airport Terminology
    • Airlines Codes
    • IATA (International Air Transport Association)
    • DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
    • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
    • Definitions of Aviation Industry
    • Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation

    Cabin Crew Training

    • Cabin Crew Profession
    • Landing the Job
    • Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation
    • Basics of Safety and Emergency Procedures
    • Medical Emergencies and Medical Training
    • Food and Beverage services

    Airport Management

    • Visa & Passport
    • Check-in / Checkout Process
    • Boarding Process
    • Arrivals / Departures
    • Documentation, Weight, and balance
    • Introduction to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials
    • Carriage Policies
    • Ramp Service
    • Apron Handling
    • Announcements
    • Airport Security
    • Custom & Immigration Procedures
    • Air Cargo & Logistics Management

    Ticket Reservation Systems

    • Amadeus (GDS)
    • Computer Reservation System
    • World Geography
    • Airfare Calculations
    • Sign in / Sign out
    • Encoding / Decoding of Cities, Airports, Airlines
    • Basic Flight Display
    • Flight sell or Seat sell
    • Introduction to PNR
    • Mileage Membership
    • OSI Elements, SSR Elements

    Travel And Tourism Management

    travel and tourism airport management
    Travel and Tourism in Airport Management
    • Introduction to Travel and Tourism
    • Travel Geography
    • Travel Automation
    • Definition of Hemispheres
    • Ticketing Forms and Procedures
    • Group Tour Operations
    • Special Events Design
    • Tours Operation & Itinerary Planning
    • T&T Sales and Marketing Techniques
    • International Fare Construction
    • Travel Retail Sales

    Personal Enhancement

    • Grooming & Deportment by Experts
    • Personality Development
    • Communication Skills Improvement
    • Posture and Etiquette Training
    • Practical Training on Customer service


    How Is Airport Management Diploma Course Beneficial?

    They provide trained professionals who’re experts in their work. Their courses are designed to match today’s standards of the service industry, and they are made available at affordable air hostess training course fees.
    Once you complete the one-year airport management diploma course, you will come out as a professional having the skill set that’s needed to build a pleasing career in the service industry. 

    Why Should You Choose A Diploma In Aviation Industry?

    By choosing this, students will be able to refine their knowledge of flying and better prepare themselves for a career as a pilot. 
    Students will likely take courses in weather, emergency procedures, air traffic control, and other related classes designed to help them achieve the necessary skills to successfully fly a plane. 
    Since aviation is a highly competitive field, students may also have an advantage over others who are vying for the same career.

    Airport Handling Diploma Courses’ Suitability

    Whether its airport management, air ticketing or travel & tourism industry, all demand confident personalities to encounter industry-specific day-to-day demands.
    You are the right candidate to apply for Airborne’s airport management diploma course if you aim to be a part of the billion dollar service industry just after Class 12. 



    A well-paying job in aviation sector can is enough to make you financially stable. If you ask me which one is the best to choose?
    Then, I will suggest you go for high paying jobs.
    This industry is growing day-by-day, new jobs are coming each month in different departments. 
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