B2B B2C C2C & C2B 

Understanding B2B B2C C2C C2B! What are The Difference And Examples?
B2B B2C C2C C2B! 

B2B B2C C2C C2B Explained! What are they? Where these terms are used? What is the difference between them? What are the examples of these terms? So, friends, This is today's topic. 
I am going to explain these confusing fundamentals. Basically, they are marketing terms used in business. 

    There are many types of marketing strategy. These terms help to categorize your business & marketing according to your needs. 
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    First, understand what they mean? 
    1. B2B- Business To Business
    2. B2C- Business To Consumer
    3. C2C- Consumer To Consumer
    4. C2B- Consumer To Business
    These are the full form of these words. Below here, All four points are explained with proper examples. Examples help you to clear all your doubts. Are you ready to learn something new?

    B2B (Business-To-Business)

    b2b highlighted image

    Let us come straight to the point. In the business market, buying and selling take place among business. 
    It can be profit-making business as well as non-profit making business. 
    It also includes government agency on a local national or state levels and institutions like schools hospitals and all.
    Business marketing is the area which helps you to study & discusses the different aspects of designs of market business and marketing you also light industrial marketing or business to business marketing b2b marketing organization
    Organizational buying has been defined as the decision-making process by which formal organization establishes the need for purchased products and services. 
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    They also identify evaluate and choose among alternative brands and supplies. 
    Generally, Business markets are different from consumer markets.
    However, the business market deal with many products and services. 
    It deals with finishing goods like posting computer office furniture air conditioner to the raw materials and components like is steel, pent, timber plastics tires, steering wheel; And all and service is like security, currier, and accounting in legal services.


    Let's take an example here. The cloud-based files storage companies like Dropbox, google drive, one drive as well as individuals. 
    General Electric makes plenty of consumer goods, but also provides parts for other enterprises. 
    Perhaps, you've worked at a company where the paychecks were stamped by ADP(Automatic Data Processing)a company that provides payroll and financial services for businesses. 
    Xerox is a household name but makes millions of billions on providing paper and printing services to businesses.

    B2C (Business-To-Consumer)

    b2c images with arrow

    B2C also termed a business-to-customer as per conditions. B2C is a type of commerce transaction takes place between a business and a customer or consumer.
    In this case, A well-settled business sells its service or product to its consumer. Generally, it refers to local shop owners who sell products directly to its customer. 
    All online retailers are also running on a B2C platform by delivering their products directly to their customers. 
    A B2C business model is experienced by most of the people. If you have ever purchased an item online or from a local shop, then you are also a part of B2C transaction.
    Basically, this was easy to understand! Let's get to know about other models.

    C2C (Consumer-To-Consumer)

    images of c2c. c2c examples
    C2C Examples Image

    It can also be termed as customer-to-customer. Making it short and simple to understand. Any type of transaction taking place among individuals is known as C2C.
    It is a type of business model where legally no business is involved. It takes place between the local individual. 
    It can be done online or offline. 
    It is a model where customer trade between themselves. 
    The biggest example is eBay. Basically, eBay is a platform where anyone can sell online. 
    Coming in India, there many platforms like olx and quicker. These platform helps individuals to build a successful consumer-to-consumer relationship.
    The future of C2C seems to be bright and successful. It is increasing day by day like e-commerce industries.

    C2B (Consumer-To-Business)

    In simple words, you can say C2B is the opposite of B2C business strategy.
    In both cases, the transaction takes place between the business and the customer. 
    C2b difference examples images

    C2B is basically is a situation, where a consumer creates a value and a well-established business consumes its value.
    Let's try to understand it in more simple language with the help of examples.
    Suppose, a customer writes a review of your service/product. 
    Here, he creates value for your service. 
    Now you use that review to win other customer's trust. When an individual gives a problem-solving idea to a business And business accepts it, then this is also a live example of C2B relationship.
    Another form of C2B is the electronic commerce business model in which consumers can offer products and services to companies, and the companies pay the consumers. 
    This model is a full reversal of the traditional business model in which companies offer service/products to customers (business-to-consumer = B2C). 

    So, They were very simple business models, Which I tried to cover. I hope now, you have a clear understanding of these concepts. If not then keep scrolling.
    In the upcoming part, you will understand it for sure. 
    Here I will differentiate their model based on their working principles and examples. This will make your concept more clear.

    Differentiating B2B B2C C2C and C2B

    If we start comparing these model then, It will bring out crystal clear understanding to you. 
    The below-given chart is fully transparent about these business models. 
    difference between b2b b2c c2b c2c images
    What Is The Difference?

    A Business Sells Service To Other Business or Companies.
    An Existing Business Sells Service To Customers or Consumers.
    A Consumer Or User Sells Products Or Service To Other Consumers.
    A Consumer Sells/Shares It’s Value To An Existing Business.
    A Large Scales Transaction Takes Places Between Businesses.
    Transactions May Be Small Or Large As Per Customer Base.
    Very Small Scale Transactions, Depends On The Product.
    A Rare Case,
    They Want To Be Educated And Well Established Organization.
    They Want Customer Satisfaction. Make Their Customer’s Happy.
    They Want To Be Their Work Done. For The Shake Of Money Or Relation.
    Business Wants  A  Value From Consumers and Nothing Else.
    They Plan For Long Term Goals.
    Generally, Short Term Plans.
    Instant Purchasing Takes Place.
    They Didn’t Plan,  A Value Or Idea Is Shared Between Them. It Can be Online/Offline.

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    Final Words๐Ÿ˜Ž

    I hope now you clearly able to understand B2B B2C C2C C2B. These were the difference and examples. 
    If you think this is enough, then you are wrong. 
    Everything can't be covered in in 1 article and you can't learn everything in one day. 
    There are more topics in this category like B2B2C and all. 
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    If you have any confusion ant any point then, feel free to ask in comments.
    I will explain more about these in simple language like. 
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