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    Do you know the reason behind the failure of new startups in digital marketing? If you are thinking that, creating clickable banner ads and catchy videos will help you then you are wrong. It is the lack of quality in the product or service and setting big goals. Yes, You read it right. These are two main factors which are enough to bring you down in the market.
    This is today's topic, I will discuss the need for digital marketing in any business. Why most of them are failing to gain the customer's attraction? On which model you should work? These are some most asked questions in forums which will be answered today. 
    Did you work offline, Why you should implement digital marketing in every business? 

    Understanding Digital Marketing With 5 Step Process

    • Step One: Ask Yourself! What are the real Objectives of your business? Set it up for long term plan. Short ones always fail.
    • Step Two: Uniqueness, Is your concept of business is unique? Every unique idea gets success with little or less effort.
    • Step Three: Write Down the real potential indicator(KPI). 
    • Step Four: Setting of small goals for each KPI. Organization owners play a major role here, with contribution from marketing to finance.
    • Step Five: Analysis of outcomes. Analyzing the result and then scaling of ads and products.
    We will also discuss these five points in detail. But Before this, you need to check out these factors. Understanding these factors will easily help you to get a clear concept of online marketing.

    3 Main Models In Online Marketing

    1. Acquisition

    In this step ask yourself a few questions if get the answers easily, then read further. If not then try to find them first.
    1. What action did you take to drive traffic your site? Blog, Youtube or any other Source?
    2. On which part you are putting your minimum and maximum efforts?
    3. Do you need all three components Earned, paid media and owned?

    2. Behavior

    1. How was your experience with the customer?
    2. Why should they do at first on landing to your site or store? Did they get for what they came? Or returned?
    3. Do you want to set up the loyal custom audience which trusts on you and your product or service?

    3. Results/Outcomes

    1. What is your conversion rate? Are you getting more or less than your expectations?
    2. Customer feedback is positive or negative?
    3. Why are you undertaking the digitalized strategy?
    Before proceeding any further first you make sure that all the above-given terms are clear to you. If not then analyze your business model again. Then proceed further.

    5 Step Process of Marketing Explained In Detail 

    Now coming on the above given 5 steps. Understand them by taking real examples.
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    Steps On Marketing
    Step 1: The first task is about your objectives and setting up the best plan you can. As a leader and owner, you are concerned with every aspect of your business model and need to have clear goals in mind for your company/site, if you are to stay on track. 
    Why does your product or service exist?
    This is really hard to answer but if you can answer then it will be easier to manage and execute the task.
    Once you have generated the ideas with your competitors and have a clear understanding. This is how the objectives of your business model will look: 
    • Create awareness
    • Generate Leads
    • Highlight events
    Make sure your objectives are always DUMB.
    • D-Double
    • U-Understandable( Can a small child Understand the concept?)
    • M-Manageable (Easy To Manage)
    • B-Beneficial to others.
    Tell me in comments are your goals and objective DUMB?😅

    Step 2: What are your mission and vision? The second step is to create uniqueness and monopoly in the market. 
    The goals should be unique and set for long terms. Now See!
    Here is most of the people fails. Why?
    They didn't focus on their short term goals. The best way to execute your plan is to divide long term goal into short ones. As small goals are easier to acquires. First, try to acquire a small market then scale and expand as per the market needs. 
    If your goals identified don’t take over all the jobs that your campaign is doing, then you might need to re-evaluate your work.

    Step 3: Write down your KPI. Here KPI stands for key performance indicator. Here you need to show your creativity by bringing amazing ideas.

    What is the Key Performance Indicator?

    A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively an organization is achieving a key business objective. It's like an instrument that helps you to meet your end goal. KPI should be tracked and monitored on a regular basis. and it's a tangible piece of data to indicate you are headed towards your expected outcome.

    What KPI actually does?
    By setting KPIs the company enables his team to make smart business decisions about the direction of all current projects and ongoing events. 
    It's not easy to find the correct KPI of your business. This can be a very irritating task for one. But if you are planning for long term growth then you should do that. 

    Step 4: In this step, you should set a small target for your KPIs. Here is how you can set small targets and achieve your goals. Below here you can follow these 4 easy steps to target KPI.
    • Review business objectives
    • Analyze your current performance
    • Set short and long term KPI targets
    • Review targets with your team
    • Review progress
    These are just methods if you want to understand these target in details then follow this link How to set actionable KPI's?

    Step 5: This is the last and most important step. In this section, you have to analyze your ROI(Returns on investment) and your outcomes. What are the customer feedback and their experience with your service and product? 
    If you fail, then these are the only factors by which you can easily find the reason behind your failures. 
    Analysis of business required a lot of work experience and deep knowledge about that field. 
    As the analysis is the most important part of any business. You should understand this concept deeply from here.

    Final Words

    So friends, Hope now you have learned the basics of digital marketing. I am planning to add more on this topic to make your concept crystal clear. If you are interested & want to get a notification then you can subscribe us by entering your email. And my article will be delivered to your mailbox. Share this with your friends who are interested in innovation and business.