Skills To Learn While Unemployed

Have you completed your studies? Are you lack in skills? Want to learn new skills but know which one is suitable for you? Your search ends here. Shout Awesome will suggest you the best skills to learn while unemployed. Unemployment is a situation where a person has to face lots of problems. As in the beginning, you neither have skills nor job experience. This situation brakes the person from inside. These are such skills which every man should learn. Scroll down to learn something new today.
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Best Skills To Learn
Like me, you also can be an expert in nothing. But, you should try and master these skills to grow in your life. These skills can be learned at any stages of your life. This will make your mind to think about new ideas. And you won't believe you will be completely changed after mastering these skills.

Why Should You Learn New Skills?

Basically, Skill the ability to do something professional within a given amount of time. Taking an example here, If you are uneducated and knows something, which others don't, then you can share your knowledge with them. You can charge them for sharing your knowledge. This was just a small example. Now you have basic ideas about what skills can do. Just see below you will find 30+ skills to learn if you are unemployed or uneducated.

All the skills mentioned below have a great role in your life. It's better if you can master them all.

#1 Learn To Give FREE Advice

Free advice means I am not asking you to go and share your valuable words with someone for hours. I meant to say that it should of 1 or 2 lines only. Learn to say something valuable in one or two phrases.  
Once I got fired from my job. While I was going out of the off the office, a guy stopped me in the hall. I didn't want to listen to him. He came close to me and said
When nobody has your back, you gotta move your back.
After saying this, he walked away. This was the best advice I ever got. This made my day. 

#2 Learn To Take Pics

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Clicking Pictures
Click as many pictures as you can and fill your frame. To master this skill you only need a camera and practice. The more you practice it the more you learn it. 

#3 Score Any Outdoor Game

There is no need to prove that outdoor games are better than indoor games. They keep you fit & fine all the time. There are thousands of outdoor games If you can master any one of them, It will make your day.

#4 Read A Book In A Month

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If there is something which can change you in a little bit of time than it is the habit of reading books. When you read you learn something new. So, start reading books.

#5 Write Something!

Write is better than reading, but think you don't know something then what you will write? Try to develop a good habit of writing. Start from nothing end with writing a book.

#6 Buy A Suit

No bargains, Just buy it. A guy in a suit always gets more preference than others.

#7 Swimming

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Learn To Swim
Swimming can be very easy and can be very difficult for someone. Who knows when you need it. It will be good to be prepared or regret it later.

#8 Show Respect 

Controlling yourself and showing respect is one of the most awesome things. Respect everyone from maid to waiter. Try this one time, you will notice the change in their behavior.

#9 Chop A Tree

I am not asking you to cut trees. I am just telling you to learn it. It seems one of the easiest work. But, Believe me, it's one of the toughest when you try with an ax. Tell me in comments can you escape? when the tree starts falling.

#10 Tie A Bow Tie

Learn to tie a bow tie. Search in youtube to learn this now.

#11 Learn A Foreign Language

Foreign languages are always worth learning. Pick any one and master it.

#12 Sew A Button

Be a DIY guy, Learn to do everything from your own.

#13 Winning Arguments

You don't know when you have to face an argument. Tip: You can easily win arguments by asking a smart question? Stay silent most of the time. You Win!

#14 Be Loyal

Try to be loyal, faithful and honesty most of the time. This will show you real humanity.

#15 Fishing

Do you Know ๐ŸŽฃ fishing? Learn it. It will help you somewhere in the future.

#16 Play Gin with Old Guy

A game with an old guy can be challenging. Chances of your defeat can be greater then Win. That Old man will try to crush you. They'll drown you in meaningless chatter, tell stories about when they were kids this or in Korea that. Or they'll retreat into a taciturn posture designed to get you to do the talking.

#17 Learn MoonWalk

It's an amazing way to showcase your talent. Learn and impress others.

#18 Learn To Whistle

Learn to whistle with your fingers. I tried it's not very hard but it's a game of practice.

#19 Pick A Lock

Yes, It seems illegal but not actually it is. Think what happens when you are locked inside your home and lost the keys. It requires only a wrench and a simple paper clip to pick locks. Learn From Youtube Easily!

#20 Juggle

Everyone ones try this at home. They failed but it's very easy to learn it. As I mentioned earlier it is a game of practice. You can get a Joker Job.

#21 Musical Instruments

Learn to play any musical instrument, whether it is guitar, sitar, piano or harmonica. Learn one and master it.

#22 PhotoShop

pic of man from behind, photoshop sample
Learn Photoshop
The best among these, In the upcoming generation everyone will need an editor to edit their pics like a pro. BE READY!

#23 Gardening/Farming

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Learn Gardening
If you have a small or mini-plot, then also you can master this skill. This requires time but gives you a shocking result.

#24 Cooking

Learn to cook anything. If you want to go into the next level then try to cook outside without utensils.

#25 Self Defence

Try to make a muscular body and learn the basics of self-defense. Everyone should learn it.

#26 Dancing

Don't say NO, if anyone calls you for dancing. Learn to dance, there are thousands of tutorial on youtube showing. How to dance even if you can't.

#27 Jump Start A Dead battery

Fixing a dead battery is not an easy job. You can't perform this trick alone. You need another person. Be sure to learn it.

#28 Find Your passion

Few can find their passion early few find it very late and few can never. It will be good if you find your passion and start working on it. You will Success chances will increase by 1000%.

#29 Change

Learn to change with time. A man changes completely in 7 years. Be updated not outdated!

#30 Money Skill

Money is everything. 
If you want to learn a new skill, and you don't know the skills of finance these would be a great place to start. They can help you make more money, spend less, keep more of what you make and even save money for investment, property or a future, "something special".

Final Words๐Ÿ˜Ž

Tell me in comments on which skills you have decided to work. You can't imagine that these skills will increase your value. There are 123 more that I am planning to add. If you want that notification then enter email and subscribe Shout Awesome. Get your article delivered in your mail. However, If you find this article about Skills To Learn While Unemployed then definitely share it with your friends. Lets them also give a chance to develop new skills.