How to make a Responsive Table in Bloggers post? - Bloggers Shout

Basically all most of the bloggers will add tables of various values in their blog post. I'm going to shout you with a simple step to create a Responsive Table in your blogpost. These tables can be customised to look differently from the main body and these differences makes it stand out.


Go to Template. Click on Customize -> Advanced -> Add CSS.  Copy and paste the below code in the blank space and click Save Template.

table {
font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
td, th{
text-align: left;
padding-top : 7px;
padding-bottom : 7px;
padding-left : 8px;
border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc;
padding-bottom : 10px;
font-weight: bold;
tr:nth-child(even) td{
background: #cccffa;
tr:nth-child(odd) td{
background: #FeFeFe;


Go to New Post. Click on HTML as shown below. Now paste the following code to generate the table. 

<table style="height: auto; overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; padding: 5px; width: 95%;">
<tr><th>HEAD 1</th><th>HEAD 2</th><th >HEAD 3</th></tr>
<tr><td>DATA 1</td><td>DATA 4</td><td>DATA 7</td></tr>
<tr><td>DATA 2</td><td>DATA 5</td><td>DATA 8</td></tr>
<tr><td>DATA 3</td><td>DATA 6</td><td>DATA 9</td></tr>
</tbody> </table>

Now you have created a simple table in your blog post .


You can change and edit the table as you wish by simply changing the css files.  

tr:nth-child(even) td{
background: #cccffa;  
This defines the color of the even number rows

tr:nth-child(odd) td{
background: #cccffa;
This defines the color of the odd number rows

td, th{
text-align: left;
padding-top : 7px;
padding-bottom : 7px;
padding-left : 8px;
border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc;
This defines the properties of the Table data(td) and Table heading(th). Make changes yourself to get various results .

<table style="height: auto; overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; padding: 5px; width: 95%;">
This is used to make your table responsive. Dont change any values in it.

By using this method I generated this simple attractive table for my post in my other blog named Fifa Modders.

Hope you now have got some idea on creating your own responsive blogger table. Shout to us your problems to get more blogger tricks.

Get new visitors to your website - A Bloggers shout for Newbie's

    Everyone wants to get more traffic for their website. But they dont know the way actually. There are many paid services to get more traffic. If you want to drive traffic to website with money. Then this post is surely not for you. I'm going to explain some key ideas to drive more traffic for free.

  Google is the top source to get more new visitors. If your site, ranking higher in google search engine, then you are going to drive more new visitors for sure.

But besides google is there any way to improve the traffic ?

yes there are... 

I'm going to shout at you with some of the free ways to get more traffic. Lets start ..

1. Optimize your site for Google

Let us start with google, so it gets out of our way. if you dont know lets make it clear the best and hardest way to get more traffic from google is by improving your site SEO.

A place in the top of the google will surely drive you more traffic. To the matter of fact, Google holds more than 70 percent of the Search Engine market share. 

The main problems is that there are millions of websites online, so there are more competition. It should be our main aim to improve SEO and Content in our website. Regularly post new contents, it will improve your site rank in Google.

2.What about Yahoo and Bing? 

Yes of course, Yahoo and Bing dont have market shares like Google but being a top site in any of these Search Engines will also drive some amount of new visitors to your site.

I have web sites ranked first position for some popular keywords on both Google and Bing and although the traffic I get from Bing is quarter part of what i get from Google. 

So what should you do?

The first action you need to take is to register with Bind webmaster tools and submit your website. The whole process is similar to the google webmaster tool.

Second, you need to be active in social sites like Facebook and twitter. Yahoo and Bing takes your participation in social media in account. It will rank you higher in those Search Engines.

3. Place your web site in Chrome web store

The Chrome web store is a awesome source for free traffic and yet many are not taking advantage of it. It is actually very easy to add  your site to Chrome store and the traffic you get is free and continuous. 

So what you can do?, Simply spend ten minutes of your time to register your website with the Chrome web store. It's easy and the results in terms of visitors are immediate. 

4. Mobile Website

Now a days , As we all know Mobile phones took over massive part of internet. More and more users now a days uses their mobile phones to search about their needs. So having a mobile version of you site will increase your traffic drastically. So you cant just ignore them.

Mobilise your website. Creating a mobile version is really easy. You can use a plugin if you are a Wordpress user or adopt to a responsive design. Also dont forget about the Accelerated mobile pages, which is the new hot trend in Search marketing.

5. Android Native App

Do you know there are 15 million new Android users per day? What does this means in terms of traffic.

You can create an android app and publish it to the Google Play Store. Users will download your app and some will visit your website. i am a big fan of this method for getting free traffic and it really works well.

Hire a developer or find a service like to create a android application for your website and publish it to Google Play Store.

If You have any doubt about Native apps,  Download my native app for my site Fifa Modders from here. 

6. Why should we leave Amazon Store

Amazon had a great success with Kindle and hey decided to create their own app store. The application is same as that of applying in Google Play Store. All you have to do is to create your own app for your site and publish it in Amazon app store also.

7. Guest post on high traffic web sites

Many would believe that guest posting is about getting links but this shouldn't be the case. The main reason of why you should guest post to another website is the traffic benefits and not getting a link pointing to your website.

A guest post on a trusted website may rank high as well and this will create a steady flow of free traffic to your site.

Forget everything you know about guest posting for links and instead make a list of high traffic sites in your niche. Publish your posts in those site.

I have a Website  named Fifa Modders, which deals everything about fifa series games and football world. I started some of the top sites in my niche and started posting in them , To my surprise 60 percent of my sites traffic are from those sites only.

Don't be a Newbie , When you are a Newbie - A Shout for Newbie Bloggers

Blogging is a place where only The Fittest can survive. People intend to visit sites that are popular and professional. If you seems to be like a newly hatched bird, you wont drive the traffic you desire.

 Don't be a newbie if you are a new bike a shout awesome trick

The First thing you should do after creating a blog is making it look like a professional one. There are certain simple tricks which may give more proffesional look to your site.

I started my first blog a couple years back, a complete failure. Main reason is my inexperience in some key areas.
Eventhough i tried my best to provide high valuable content, my traffic is dead. Later created another blog which is also a dissaster. This was continued until i come up with my current site Fifa Modders. After gaining some experience i started driving the traffic i wished for.

Blogging is place where only fittest can survive . To live a life here, we have to adapt to this environment.

Let me share you some simple tricks which can earn you a big difference.

1. Proffesional Looking Domain Name

If you haven't build a blog yet. Grab a domain name and web hosting packages at some online webhosting services like Bluehost. You can easily build your blog by using their single click process within the maximum of four minutes. And you will have your own domain.

Having a blog in blogger or wordpress is not bad. There are many successful sites out there also.&nbsp;But if you want to be a long term blogger, then you have to get some Web hosting packages. would be always better than or
If you still want to create a blog on blogger follow these Simple 4 steps to create your blogger blog.

2. Upload Your Favicon

Favicon is a image that occurs next to your blog address in browsers. If you are a newbie, you would probably have your host default icon which will clearly point that you are new to professional blogging. These simple icon make a lot to your blog actually. This 16x16 icon will also appear in tabs and bookmark section some times.

If you update your favicon, resize the image to 16x16 and save it as favicon.ico and place it in your websites root folder. If you are a wordpress user, place your icon in public_html folder.

You can make this image using photoshop or else use some online favicon makers like .

3. Permalink Updation

Permalink is link that your blog create on publishing each blog post, which links to that specific post. By default, the auto generated permalink will look ugly. It won't be cool and also it won't do any good to Search Engine Optimisation.

Before posting your blog post, first change your permalink to simply the name or title of your post. This will drive the SEO and also make you look professional.

4. Remove unwanted plugins and widgets

What's good about WordPress is that it provides us number of plugins and widgets to use it in our blog. But most the widget won't do any good to your site, to be more specific it will only make it worse in some cases.

Try to remove unwanted widgets from your sidebar and website. Even a simple website with good content and SEO can get you good amount of traffic.

5. Do not Add any Counters

If you are a newbie blogger, don't show any RSS counter or website views counter in your site. As a newbie , RSS counter will show 10 or nearer subscribers. It will surely make your audience realise you are a new comer. Wait for some time, once you get some hundreds of subscribers , let that display in your site.

In the mean time work on generating High quality Contents and make other parts of your blog awesome.

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High Quality Posts - A Complete shout on creating valuable Content.

The main part in getting high range of audience is providing them high quality contents. New blogger struggle in this part.
If you are new to blogging go through Bloggers Shout : A complete guide for beginners

What is high quality contents?
How to create high quality contents?

These questions are common among the new bloggers. As a beginner, I struggled a lot in providing better content for Fifa Modders my very first blog on Football. But once I started to write quality contents, it gave me a good number if audience .

High quality contents are used to engage audience to your blog. High quality contents are essential to drive your blog audience to greater extent.

There are 5 essential ingredients you have to know about High Quality Contents.

1.Know your audience

Better know your audience. You have to be a audience writer to get more traffic. Don't write for search engines. Do some research, find what your audience want and build content on that. Knowing your audience should be your first step towards content building because you are spending time and your work in content building. It should be useful to the people you aim at and not to be skipped. You should also know What to blog about.

2.Keep it compelling.

When creating long form contents, beware of using long paragraphs. Long paragraphs may make your readers skip a part of your content and the worst is they may skip it to the end of the post after reading your first sentence. Don't use long paragraphs . Make sure your each paragraphs have 5 to 6 sentence.

3.Mix up your idea

Mix up your idea with images, vedio and slide shows . Plain contents may bore your audience. Follow the image to text ratio in your posts. Multimedia contents tend to attract audience more. Make use of high quality images in your posts.

4. Offer them more

If your contents are engaging, your audience will probably search more of your content. Give them a sign up or follow button to get instant updates on your posts. Give them a share button to share your posts in Social media. Social media sharing will increase your audience rate.

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5. Give them knowledge, not pitch

Focus on educating, entertaining and delivering value to your audience rather than a hard pitch for your product or service. Similarly, don't clutter up their time with pointless content hearted for SEO juice and links. Instaed, ask what's in it for them and how can you benefit and captivate.

AdSense Shout - How to create a Account in AdSense.

Every bloggers wants to make money at some point. When I surf through Quora, I saw may questions like

  • How to create my AdSense Account?
  • How to make money from my Blog?
  • How to start earning money ?

The solution to all these questions will be AdSense . In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to create a account in AdSense.

Beginners Guide

For the beginners, let's make it clear. AdSense is Contextual advertisement network working under the Tech Masters Google . They will pay you for publishing their ads on your website.
When I started my first blog Fifa Modders, I don't know how to make money from it. After using AdSense, I started making fair amount of money till now. There are many AdSense alternatives available, but AdSense is best in its work.

If you are new to AdSense , I would suggest you to read 4 Common Google Adsense Rejection Reasons.

Let me demonstrate how to create your AdSense account . For creating a AdSense account you need to satisfy two rules.

  • Yes, ofcouse first would be having a website
  • Then, you should be above 18 years

Steps to create your AdSense account

  • Sign up
  • Place Ads on your website
  • Wait for approval or rejection mail

Google has recently changed its reviewing policy, its a quite lengthy process. But however it increases the standard of the publishers. For more information read Policy in their sign up page .

Signing Up

First visit Google adsense Sign up page. You can use your existing Gmail account or you can create a new one now.

 shout images

But if you are having a custom domain name and you are using Google Apps for your domain email address , I would suggest you to use that to sign up. Because , it increases your probability .

Otherwise, you can use your existing email

Website details.

It is pretty straight forward form , you have fill your website address and Content language. But make sure you type your blog address without http:// .

shout image

Account Payee Information

This form is important. Make sure to fill in the correct details. Because you may not be able to change your information. Use the payee name with your Bank account name, because google will give you check in that name. Changing the account name later is difficult in some countries , including India.Fill other contact information fields.

Read the policy and rules of Google AdSense and check out the three boxes .

Now you have to review your details, make sure you have entered everything correctly. Then sign up using your email address. I would suggest you to use domain specific email address because it increase your probability if approval.

My application failed initially 4 times, but however after signing up with my domain specific mail I'd., it got accepted instantly.

Bloggers Shout : A Complete Guide For Beginners

If you are searching for blogging tutorials. This is your One-Page destination to know everything about blogging. Let me start with explaining about blog.

What is a blog?

Blog is tool to express yourself to the society. Blogs can do anything. You can set up a blog even if you are out of money. It will actually boost you when you come to know that you have visitors to your blog. Getting your first comment.

Awwwwww!!!! You should know that feel.

Yes , its just awesome . But one comment is not all we need. Getting thousands of comments, likes and shares would be awesome right. That's actually quite easy, if you start follow some basic steps.


Setting up your blog is the first and simplest of all, but most of us will stuck in that step itself. Some of the blog creating platforms and also the best platforms are , of course

You can start your blog for free in any of the above sites. Bloggers is actually a best platform for beginners, however it will take you time to learn about this platform. WordPress is fully user friendly and you will actually get more number of plugins and widgets on WordPress than blogger.

But blogger will teach you basics of blogging easily.
Here I won't give you everything about setting up your blog. You can read complete setting up instruction on my other post Setting up bloggers blog. I will just get through the details here.


Blogspot is free multi blogging site under the tech-giants Google. I started my first blog in bloggers called Fifa Modders and I'm still running it. Its been some months after its launch, still its working good for you. Hope will be for you to. Blogspot is my personal recommendation.


WordPress is also a free multi user blog running platform. Most of the online bloggers work on WordPress alone and they suggest it. It contains more number of plugins and templates. You can easily get a perfectly designed blog for you.

 choose template


If you have your blog in WordPress, you can easily surf through the templates available in their very own template library. But for blogger users, you have to Google your website.
Points to be noted

  • Make sure you dont choose template with dark color combinations.
  • Choose a template with less number of images in it
  • Avoid slide show in templates
  • Don't fill your whole website with widgets

Its better to avoid templates with dark color combinations, instead of attracting audience you will actually lose them. For ex: consider a page with dark red background and yellow color font letters it will irritate your visitors eye. Use some light color combination, simple black and white will be always good. Having more number of images, slides shows and pictures in your blog will actually increase your load time. Your visitors won't wait more than 15 secs maximum for loading your page. So optimise it with a perfect template. Filling your whole website with widgets and plugins will also reduce your loading speed.



Content creation can't be explained in simple words, I need a separate 4000 word post to explain about content creation completely. Write posts with huge number of words. In my first blog&nbsp;Fifa modders, initially I haven't wrote any post more than 30 letters. My blog actually deals about Fifa series patches, mods, add ons and stuffs like that. So I will just upload my patch contents in some file hosts and give my link along with a screen shot and simple download here text. It was a total failure. But after writing big posts with some valuable contents, for my surprice it increased by visitors rate by 250%.

   BbvLong posts attracts visitors, readers will expect complete detail on problems or whatever information they seek for. They are some advantages also, you don't have to care about SEO, writing long post will automatically increase you keyword content. The another advantage is HTML/Text ratio. Search engines use this ratio to rank you site. The higher your site is the higher your visibility in search engine will be. Text / HTML ratios can only be achieved by big posts. Neil Patel himself told once that one of his secret behind huge visitors is long post.

Quality content is what readers search for. Write unique contents with killer post headings. Don't copy paste from other websites. It will affect your sites ranking drastically. Even if you write a post on a same topic from other blogs, write with your own words. Don't ever copy paste from any websites.
Post titles are the important factor in your content creation. Try to attract readers with killer post headings. They will actually drive more visitors. Read&nbsp;10 types of post heading that increase site traffic&nbsp;and implement it in your every post for better result.

Images attracts visitors, a blog without images will likely to be avoided. Use as much as images in your posts. Use them in the right way.&nbsp;


social share

Social media is a one of the best platform to share your contents. You can easily reach like minded people in social media. It will make huge difference in your visitors count. some of the must used platforms are facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus, reddit, stumble upon. Social platforms will be your best partners to share your contents on line. Reach as much as people you can. Share your contents in all these sites and bring more visitors to your blogs.

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What to write in my blog? ,  it is a major question every new blogger have in their mind. Topic and contents may differ based on your niche, but the visitors mind set won't differ much.

Being a blogger, you should know your visitors need. If you are yet to start a blog, Create one. Actually creating a blog is simplest of all. But getting visitors to your blog requires time and work. Let me shout at you with some tips for writing contents.

 what to blog about


   The main thing most bloggers lag now a days is uniqueness. Your niche may have huge number of bloggers and blog, but your content should be unique and informative.
Actually unique contents increases your blog traffic rapidly. You can talk about a problem already posted by other blogger, but your way of reaching the solution must be unique. Try to have a unique style, I'm not speaking about your blog template, its about your writing nature. If you are good at solving maths, create a blog and help people with your way of solving problem. The main thing about blogging is your readers should understand what you are blogging about.


     Research about some common goals people in your niche have. If you already reached some of them, then it will increase your site visitors . write post about how you achieved and what are the steps you did to reach that goal. People love to follow footsteps, if you have one make them to follow yours.


    People tend to google about their problems. So write post about problems in your niche.  Actually I'm a blogger for past few years. One of my blog is Fifa Modders, and my niche is football.  I write posts about solving their problems related to FIFA and football and I also provide them solutions . Solving problem posts actually attracts more number of visitors.


  Try write post about solving fears,  Try to write content about wiping of their fears. Write post that are actually valuable and helpful to others. If your blog is about money making, try to write post about jobs and careers . that will actually solve the problems of many jobless people. Solutions are one of the main content your blog should have.

        Entertain your reader with uniquess and information. Your blog should have practical solutions. People tends to search for solution, better give them one.  Entertainment + information  is one the best posting techniques.